A small camera placed on a wooden shelf.

Where To Install Your Surveillance Cameras in Los Angeles to Optimize Your Home’s Security

Did you know that in the US, a new burglary occurs every 26 seconds? As crime rates fluctuate, safeguarding our homes against new threats becomes tough. It’s time to boost your home’s security by installing surveillance cameras in Los Angeles, as they deter criminals from committing unlawful acts when under surveillance. However, it's crucial to place these cameras strategically. Not sure where to start? Continue reading to discover six areas in your home that are ideal for camera placement.

Surveillance Cameras in Los Angeles: 6 Places to Install Them

1. Front Doors

The primary entry point for all intruders is the front door. Therefore, placing a surveillance camera here is fundamental. Make sure you position it above the doorframe, granting a clear view of faces and the items one is bringing. Furthermore, use a surveillance camera in Los Angeles that is equipped with night vision to capture every movement and activity during darker hours.

2. Backyard and Side Entrances

Backyards and side entrances are the blind spots of your home, which makes them attractive entry points for burglars. Installing a wide-angle lens camera can significantly expand your coverage, offering a comprehensive view of these vulnerable areas.

3. Garage and Driveway

Securing your vehicles and belongings in the garage requires surveillance. Install surveillance cameras in Los Angeles to cover the garage door and driveway, ensuring an uninterrupted, visible view of incoming vehicles and potential break-in attempts. A useful tip is to choose tamper-resistant designs so that even during vandalism, the cameras can capture footage to assist in identifying the culprit.

4. Windows

Any entry point, including windows, is a vulnerable access point that criminals can use to enter your home. No matter how high your window is, never underestimate criminals and their methods. Ensure that no window goes overlooked, especially those obscured from street view. Placing cameras on windows can help capture even the minutest details from various angles, which can prove crucial for identifying potential threats or incidents.

5. Main Stairs or Hallway

Placing surveillance cameras in Los Angeles in stairways and hallways is a must. These are the key pathways that connect and give access to most of your home. These areas are critical points, and having surveillance here can enhance the overall security and monitoring of your home.

6. Near HVAC Systems/Fuse Box

Lastly, you should also install cameras near critical utility areas like the HVAC unit and fuse box. These areas are vulnerable to tampering and unauthorized access, potentially causing disruptions. Cameras can be used to monitor and protect this area from suspicious activities and unauthorized alterations.

Bonus Tip

Once all of your cameras are placed, integrate them with your smart home systems. This will add an extra layer of security to your home. Basically, whenever the camera picks up movement through sensors, it will trigger alarms, lights, or other security measures, thus immediately informing you that your home has been breached. These automated responses are a quick and efficient way to deal with potential threats.


Whether in Los Angeles or a rural part of California, the peace of mind from knowing your home and loved ones are secure is invaluable. This is exactly what surveillance cameras in Los Angeles offer. When strategically placed, they provide robust security to protect your residence against criminal threats and activities. At Sophart, we work to deliver high-quality cameras with maximum visibility and coverage. Call us at (747) 777-2676 or fill out our online form today for top-notch security solutions for your home.