Two people standing under Bullet CCTV cameras mounted on a wall.

Choosing the Right Commercial Security Cameras in Glendale: Factors to Consider

Purchasing a powerful security camera system is a must for guarding your commercial property in Glendale, California. Commercial security cameras help gather significant pieces of evidence in the event of an incident while serving as a deterrent to prospective attackers. However, selecting the best commercial security cameras can be challenging given the large range of options available. Here are some important factors to keep in mind while choosing commercial security cameras in Glendale.

1.  Camera Type

Security cameras come in a variety of varieties, each with unique features and advantages. Domes, bullets, PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras, and infrared cameras are a few examples of typical types. Choose the camera type that best meets your demands by considering the unique surveillance needs of your commercial site.

2.  Resolution and Image Quality

The resolution and image quality of security cameras play a crucial role in ensuring clear and detailed video footage. Higher resolution cameras provide sharper images, enabling better identification of individuals and objects in the footage. When selecting security cameras, it is recommended to look for a minimum resolution of 1080p. This resolution ensures a clear recording with sufficient detail. For even greater clarity and more precise image quality, considering cameras with 4K resolution would be beneficial. 4K resolution provides an exceptionally high level of detail, allowing for better visibility and enhanced video quality in your security recordings.

3.  Field of View

A security camera's field of vision (FOV) governs the region it can observe. To provide thorough coverage, select cameras with an appropriate FOV based on the size and layout of your commercial site. For bigger sites that need flexible monitoring, wide-angle lenses or cameras with pan-tilt-zoom capability may be more useful than the regular lens.

4.  Low-Light Performance

Given that crimes can happen day or night, low-light performance is essential for surveillance cameras. Infrared (IR) or starlight cameras are suitable choices if you need a camera with good low-light performance. Even in low light, these cameras have the integrated technology to take crisp photographs.

5.  Storage and Recording

Consider the methods used by the security cameras to store and record the obtained footage. While some cameras use cloud storage, others save data locally on an onboard storage device. Based on factors, including the number of cameras, retention intervals, and compliance standards, determine your storage needs.

6.  Integration with Existing Systems

It is important to make sure that your new security cameras are compatible and integrated with any existing security or access control systems. Select cameras that can easily fit into your current infrastructure, enabling centralized management and monitoring.

7.  Brand Reputation and Support

Consider brands of security cameras that have a good reputation for dependability and functionality. Verify the ratings, certificates, and reviews of customers. Additionally, the availability of technical support and post-sale services provided by the manufacturer or supplier of the security system is also an important factor to consider.

8.  Budget Considerations

Choose cameras that offer the best return on investment after determining your budget for the security camera system. While cost may be a deciding factor for many, the design and functionality of the cameras should be given priority to provide efficient security surveillance.


You can select the appropriate business security cameras for your Glendale property by carefully taking these factors into account. Your business, employees, and assets will be protected by a security camera system that is well-designed and expertly integrated. To get your security installed by experts in the industry, contact  Sophart Inc to avail of our specialized service and guarantee top-notch security in your workspace.